Physics + Astro Seminars:
In our next seminar (11:30 AM on June 4, 2021) we will have Pablo Benítez-LLambay with the talk: Multiphase Protoplanetary Disks

9. March 2021
We welcome Ivania Maturana and Marcelo Tala to our group as Fondecyt postdoctoral fellows.

17. June 2020
Dr. Gijs Mulders will join the group as a FIC Assistant professor in September 2020. Check his current webpage at

6. March 2020
A. Jordán announces the discovery of a new warm Jupiter using TESS. See Jordán, Brahm et al.

1. March 2020
Dr. Pía Amigo and Dr. Rafael Brahm join the UAI Astro+Physics group.

26. February 2020
‘Resonant interaction between dispersive gravitational waves and scalar massive particles’ published in Physical Reviews D by Felipe Asenjo.