Physics + Astro Seminars:
In our next seminar (3 PM on January 14, 2021) we will have Verónica Ramírez with the talk: Astronomía y prensa: Planetas y cometas en la mira de revistas chilenas

17. June 2020
Dr. Gijs Mulders will join the group as a FIC Assistant professor in September 2020. Check his current webpage at

6. March 2020
A. Jordán announces the discovery of a new warm Jupiter using TESS. See Jordán, Brahm et al.

1. March 2020
Dr. Pía Amigo and Dr. Rafael Brahm join the UAI Astro+Physics group.

26. February 2020
‘Resonant interaction between dispersive gravitational waves and scalar massive particles’ published in Physical Reviews D by Felipe Asenjo.