UAI Physics + Astro group

We are a research group at the Faculty of Engineering and Sciences and the Faculty of Liberal Arts of Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez. We carry out fundamental research in various areas of Physics and Astrophysics, such as experimental and theoretical condensed matter, experimental and theoretical high energy physics, planetary sciences./css/main.css

We are located at Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, both in the Peñalolén (Santiago) and Viña del Mar campuses.


Physics + Astro Seminars:

In our next seminar (3 PM on January 14, 2021) we will have Verónica Ramírez with the talk: Astronomía y prensa: Planetas y cometas en la mira de revistas chilenas

17. June 2020

Dr. Gijs Mulders will join the group as a FIC Assistant professor in September 2020. Check his current webpage at

6. March 2020

A. Jordán announces the discovery of a new warm Jupiter using TESS. See Jordán, Brahm et al.

1. March 2020

Dr. Pía Amigo and Dr. Rafael Brahm join the UAI Astro+Physics group.

26. February 2020

'Resonant interaction between dispersive gravitational waves and scalar massive particles' published in Physical Reviews D by Felipe Asenjo.

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